In-Depth Registration Details

Registration is simple, straight-forward, and step by step. But it takes a little more time than a single registration, as you have to enter two people. Here are the steps. Note: You will proceed through 5 basic registration pages


Page 1--Choose "Register Me" at the top of the page, and fill in all required information. It's quick and easy. If you are new to Run Sign In, you will have to add a password so you can log back into your registration details. Choose your event from among the 17 options. Check the box for "Add Another Registrant." Click on Continue.

Page 2--Complete all required info for your 5K2 teammate. Begin by selecting the “Another Adult/A Minor” boxes at the top. You must choose one. Be prepared with your teammate’s birthdate, email, and address. Choose your event again, the same as you chose on the previous page. Check the box under the Waiver. Click on Continue.

Page 3--Click on “Create a new team.” Then name your team. You can be creative, of course, but it might be helpful for your team name to include both of your names and your division. For example, “Smith Jones Married F-M.” When you report you results, you will be asked for your team’s name. So remember it somewhere, somehow. For your teammate, click on "Join the same team as." The two of you will be joined together on the same team. Click on Continue.

Page 4--This page summarizes all details for you and your teammate. Check for correctness. Use the Back Button at bottom if you need to go back and make a correction. Fill in payment details. Click on Continue.

Page 5--Congratulations you are entered in the run 5K2. You will receive an email noting all your registration details. Remember: You must run this race from June 1 to June 30. You and your teammate do not have to be together, and you do not have to run on the same day. But you must both run during June, and report your results by Sept 7. Good luck. Have fun.

A final Registration note. You can enter many times in many different divisions. For example, let's say you are a 45-year-old mother. You can enter once with your spouse, once with your daughter, once with your brother, once with your son, etc. You can use a single 5K performance (from June) for your time in multiple divisions. However, you must complete a new $10 registration every time for each division.